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facts: journal entries written by me are not indexed by search engines, afraid to reveal my real name. this will be for historical reasons. no more deleting repositories or pages. you can know or share my thoughts given above.

who am i ?

a straightforward person

what is my purpose or aim ?

to share my thoughts and musings

where am i going ?

to my innermost consciousness

when will i stop ?

there is nothing to share anymore

why am i updating ?

to share with everybody without any restrictions

how frequently will i update ?

as situation demands

at present i am making small contributions on few wikis and open source apps. my : Wikipedia contributions (opens in new tab), MDN Web Docs activity (opens in new tab), Debian Wiki profile (opens in new tab), GitLab activity (opens in new tab), GitHub profile (opens in new tab)

unless otherwise stated all content is licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)

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